Irish winner grew up in a truck

Robert Baker, from Tipperary, scooped the top prize at the Irish finals of Scania s Young European Truck Driver 2014, which were held at Westward Scania s headquarters in Strokestown. Robert Baker, 32, won the Irish finals of YETD 2014. The 15 final competitors were coached by the YETD 2012 European Champion, Gabriel Warde, who came up with many great tips.

The competition jury comprised representatives of the Irish Road Safety Association. Third time lucky It was the third time for Robert, participating in the Irish finals. Previously, he finished third and fifth, and he believes this experience was one explanation for his victory.

You learn something new every time. And it s a privilege to have a guy like Gabriel Warde to learn from, he says.

14 years behind the wheel Over 300 applicants for the Irish Scania Truck Driver Competition was reduced to the 15 finalists, coming from Monaghan, Wexford, Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary, Donegal, Leitrim, Meath, Mayo and Limerick. In the end, Robert and Gavin Agnew emerged during the day to compete in an exciting head to head , leading to the Irish winner being selected for the final in Sweden next year.

On the podium are Eoghan Durkin in 3rd place, Gavin Agnew in 2nd and Robert Baker in 1st place. Robert, 32, has been a professional driver since he was 18 and received his licence. But I m more or less born and raised in a truck.

My father is truck driver, and I have been driving since I was tall enough to reach the accelerator, he says.

Reigning European champion, Gabriel Warde, carried out some appreciated coaching for the new finalists.

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Irish winner grew up in a truck

Aussie in final of Volvo Drivers’ Fuel Challenge

AUSTRALIAN TRUCK DRIVER, Grant Morice, is one of 23 other truckies from around the world who ll compete, on the 19 September for the title of Most Fuel-Efficient Driver in the World. More than 11,000 drivers nominated to take part in Volvo Trucks annual and, after numerous local rounds the 23 finalists are winging their way to Sweden for the final. Morice is something of a dab hand when it comes to piloting trucks fuel efficiently and won the Asia Pacific round of Volvo Trucks 2013 Fuelwatch ahead of 13 other drivers from the region.

Prior to that, Morice had defeated local drivers in various state and territory rounds of the competition. It s great, really great! I loved coming here! , Morice said after winning in 2013.

And I d like to say thanks! It s just great what Volvo does. Fuelwatch is good for everyone.

It s getting the word out for saving the environment, and it s saving companies money on fuel. And, when you look at the fuel consumption figures, you can see the role the driver plays in keeping fuel use down. Compared to the last-placed driver, the first-ranked Grant Morice achieved an impressive 34% less in fuel consumption.

Wow. Morice is from Tasmania and drives trucks for Fonterra. Ian Sinclair, Product Director of Volvo Trucks Asia Oceania and responsible for the driver training program, explains: Although the truck is naturally the heart of our offer, there s much more that we provide to our customers.

The best trucks deserve the best drivers. That s why we invest vast efforts into driver development, providing training in order to get the most out of the truck: maximum efficiency at maximum safety. That way we can create real value for our customers.

According to Volvo Trucks, the competition is the only one of its kind and is open to all drivers, regardless of the make of truck they drive. In the Drivers Fuel Challenge we want to highlight the fact that the driver can play a decisive role by adopting a more fuel-efficient driving behaviour. We also know that this is technical skill which all drivers can learn and which will save haulage companies a lot of money in the long-term, says Vesna Jovic, project manager for the Drivers Fuel Challenge at Volvo Trucks.

The 23 finalists were selected after several qualifying rounds held throughout the world. During the competition the drivers will be assessed on the basis of four different criteria, all of which influence fuel consumption. These include driving and braking, the use of the engine and gearbox and the ability to meet deadlines and to follow traffic regulations.

All the drivers will be competing in brand-new Volvo FH trucks equipped with I-Shift automated gearboxes. The efficiency test will be short and sweet with drivers having only two laps of the Volvo Trucks test track (each lap is 6.9km) to prove they ve got what it takes. Each lap will follow a different path around the course adding a layer of complexity to the task, as if trying to drive a massive truck wasn t hard enough.

Drivers will have to come to a complete stop several times, tackle grades ranging from 8-16%, complete u-turns, drive on simulated country back roads and simulated highway straights.

Winners of the event will be able to choose from three Volvo-themed events: Volvo Ocean Race, the Volvo China Open, or a holiday in an Ice hotel.

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Aussie in final of Volvo Drivers’ Fuel Challenge

Veteran Truck Driver’s Career Saved by Not Guilty Verdict in a .217 …

This week in Franklin County, Georgia Superior Court PDW partner Mo Wiltshire achieved something very few lawyers ever achieve a not guilty verdict in a DUI case where a blood test indicating a .217 BAC test result was offered in evidence. This outstanding result was very much deserved in this case as it involved a wreck of a single ATV on a dirt road and the defendant was a veteran truck driver with no prior record of any kind of arrest. The trucker would certainly have been fired from his job of 17 years if convicted of DUI.

Speaking with jurors after the not guilty on all counts verdict was returned it is clear that the jury accepted our assessment of the case and our strong criticism of the manner in which the blood was handled and collected in the case. Trials are always subject to twists and turns and surprises and this case just illustrated that sometimes you have to fight if you are not given any other option and you might get justice even though the odds do not seem in your favor. In this case the Defendant repeatedly offered to plead guilty to reckless driving (in an effort to save his job) and all these offers where rejected by order of Franklin County District Attorney Parks White.


White has a never reduce policy on DUIs which frankly is an affront to traditional legal notions of justice and needs to be revised.

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Veteran Truck Driver’s Career Saved by Not Guilty Verdict in a .217 …



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