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Truck Driver | Cosmopolita Click here for the full scoop on Truck Driver Cosmopolita: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYKyP5K4ZbM . At around the 00:26 I talked about it in detail. Here is more information on the news about/on Truck Driver Cosmopolita: There is anything from 3,000 to 6,000 different languages spoken across the world; Mandarin is the most popular, with approximately 882 million primary or first language speakers.

Next is Spanish with 325 million speakers, and then English with 312 to 380 million.Even if English is the third most popular language of the world, there are still over 300 languages spoken in London alone. London has a reputation as being the most cosmopolitan city in Europe it is apparently more linguistically diverse than Paris or Tokyo and only New York can really claim to be more cosmopolitan in terms of its internationalism. Added to this, is the complexity of dialect within the English language.According to new research, England s new towns may be developing accents all of their own.

Far from bolstering the spread of Estuary English and uniform pronunciations, it s noted, some new towns are now building their own distinctive ways of speaking.

In Milton Keynes, in Buckinghamshire, teenagers are blending the previous generation s Click here to learn more about Truck Driver Cosmopolita: http://videostory.tv/truck-driver-cosmopolita/ Truck Driver Cosmopolita, Truck Driver Cosmopolita news , breaking news Truck Driver Cosmopolita , news onTruck Driver Cosmopolita , information on Truck Driver Cosmopolita , exclusive news on Truck Driver Cosmopolita , what is Truck Driver Cosmopolita , Truck Driver Cosmopolita video ,news,gossip,breaking news,media,trends,people,entertainment,information,tv,television

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Truck Driver | Cosmopolita

Truck Accident Kills West Virginia Trucker, Injures One Other …

An accident involving a large commercial truck and a Nissan Xterra occurred in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania (PA). The driver, a West Virginia native, was operating a water tank truck along Route 88 when he lost control at a right-hand curve tumbling into the northbound lane. The truck rolled onto the driver s side and continued to roll over a hillside and into a garage.

While falling into the northbound lane, the truck crashed into Rachael Kelly s Nissan Xterra. She was injured and had to be flown by medical helicopter to a hospital for treatment. State police continue to investigate the crash and what caused the truck driver to lose control of the vehicle.

This awful incident is a reminder that truck drivers must exercise the utmost care and caution while operating large commercial big rigs and 18-wheelers. Though the details of this rollover wreck are not clear, it appears as though the wreck may have been caused by the manner in which the driver made the right turn. In order to make a safe right turn without dragging the trailer or tanker across the curb, a trucker usually veers slightly towards the left before turning to ensure a wider turn.

If the turn is too sharp, it could result in a scenario where either the tractor cannot complete the full turn or the driver loses control of the vehicle. If an accident occurs, it is important to obtain a truck driver s contact information, the name of the trucking company, and DOT license numbers on the tractor and any trailer attached. Trucking companies also have a procedure, but their intent is to reduce their liability by any means.

The events following an accident include, but are not limited to, silencing the truck driver, removing any damaging evidence from the truck, seizing and retaining evidence that the victim must later discover and demand, and interviewing witnesses first to try to influence their statements.

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Truck Accident Kills West Virginia Trucker, Injures One Other …

Follow-up: Bus Driver William Pena’s Accused Killer to Stand Trial …

In the window of El Castillo de Jagua on Rivington Street. We have an update from the courts today on the status of the case against Domonic Whilby, the young man accused of driving a stolen truck while drunk and crashing into a city bus, causing the death of 17-year veteran MTA driver William Pena in February. Pena grew up on the Lower East Side and still has many ties to the neighborhood; his family and friends have been rallying neighbors and union members to support the prosecution s side of the case.

NY1 is reporting this afternoon that a judge has refused to drop the charges against Whilby, a request his lawyers had pushed, and set a trial for Sept.

10. More from the story: Domonic Whilby is facing multiple charges including depraved indifference, murder and reckless endangerment. His attorney tried to argue that Whilby didn t comprehend what he was doing because he was drunk at the time of the incident.

But a judge refused to throw out any of the charges. Outside of court, Pena s friends and fellow bus drivers were grateful. We want the maximum sentence.

And nothing else. We want no plea-bargaining. We want the maximum sentence.

Mr. Whilby is still alive. He s got a whole life ahead of him.

We will never, ever see William again, said Pena s common law wife, Nancy Rodriguez.

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Follow-up: Bus Driver William Pena’s Accused Killer to Stand Trial …

Man Injured After Fall From Truck Recovering

The 56 year old man injured after apparently falling off a truck on Thursday July 10 is recovering, having been moved from the ICU to a general ward. A police spokesperson said, At last check the 56 year old man injured after apparently falling off a truck around 10:15am Thursday, July 10th in the Tribe Road #5, Paget area was recovering in stable condition on a general ward at the hospital. Inquiries into this incident are ongoing and any witnesses that have not yet come forward are encouraged to contact the Hamilton Police Station on 295-0011.

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Man Injured After Fall From Truck Recovering

56 Year Old Man In ICU After Falling Off Truck

A 56 year old St. George s man is in the Intensive Care Unit after falling off a truck in Paget this morning. A police spokesperson said, Around 10:15am on Thursday, July 10th first responders attended a reported medical emergency in the Tribe Road #5, Paget area.

Details are limited at this time; however it appears that the victim, believed to be a 56 year old St. George s man, was injured after falling off a truck. He was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment and at last check was in the Intensive Care Unit.

Inquiries into this incident are underway and any witnesses that have not yet come forward are encouraged to contact the Hamilton Police Station on 295-0011.

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56 Year Old Man In ICU After Falling Off Truck

Talla, Town of UncertaintiesItalianNotebook

Pino dubbed Talla, tiny town in the Casentino Valley, il paese delle incertezze . Yes, uncertainties threaded through our visit there. Where is/was the Ponte D Annibale ?

We followed the directional arrow just before the town, leading us up winding roads (asphalt and then gravel) overlooking sweeping views of rolling emerald green hills bordered by deep green forests but wondering when we d find Hannibal s bridge. We never did. C era una volta ( It existed once upon a time ), a farmer with a shovel told us when we finally saw a human along the route.

Next stop: la casa di Guido Monaco , Benedictine monk (born in the late 10th century) and medieval music theorist, regarded as the inventor of modern musical notation (staff notation) and writer of Micrologus , one of the most important medieval musical treatises. The stone house with slanted tiled roof under shady trees was charming but built in the 10th century? We headed on down into the village of Talla, stopping in a caf where we, chatted with the locals about the town, the bridge and the town s main claim to fame, the Benedictine monk.

While sipping an espresso at the bar, Adriano, retired waiter in a boarding school, told us that although Pomposa near Ferrara vaunts itself as the monk s birthplace (Arezzo claims him, too, even calling him Guido d Arezzo), e impossible , because that area is marshy and an ancient text states that the monk was born near wooded pastures . Antonio, retired truck driver, joined in the discussion but admitted his own uncertainties, while offering an undeniable certainty about Talla. We are the only town in Italy without dialects!

We speak perfect Italian. His proof? Driving a truck all over Europe for twenty years and wherever he went, being asked why his Italian had no accent.

Another certainty of Talla? You cannot miss lunch at Ristorante L Orcello just steps away from the cafe where outdoor tables flank the monument to Guido Monaco. The antipasto of bruschette topped with Tuscan white beans, white truffle, and a soft local cheese told us we were in for a treat.

Pino opted for stinco di maiale con patate arroste (roasted pork shank with roasted potatoes) while I was tempted by two pasta choices: spaghetti alle cipolle (with onions) and tortelli di ortica con salsa di noci (large homemade ravioli filled with nettles, topped with walnut sauce). Host Walter (wife Anna and sons inside cooking up the goodness) resolved the dilemma: I d have two half-portions. (ha!) I had to ask Walter a question (even Pino didn t know): Che cos e un orcello? The heels of the bread loaf , Walter told us (bringing out two to show us, placing them near our wine glasses), in Talla dialect.

On my next trip to Talla, I ll have to ask Antonio about that: dialects or not in Talla? Another uncertainty. by Anne Robichaud An Umbrian tour guide in Italy most of the year, Anne also teaches Umbrian rural cuisine in private homes in the U.S.

in February and March (see www.annesitaly.com/Cooking.html) and lectures.Anne and her husband Pino worked the land for many years in the 1970 s and rural life, rural people, rural cuisine are una passione for Anne. She writes frequently on Umbria and other areas of Italy. See www.annesitaly.com for more on her tours, cooking classes, lectures and her blog!

Do see www.stayassisi.com for news on the Assisi apartment she and Pino now rent out!

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Talla, Town of UncertaintiesItalianNotebook

Trucker Confronts Speeding Cop (Video): Officer’s Dramatic Attitude …

The romantic, mythic Long-haul Trucker reached full maturity in the 1970s with songs like Convoy , and movies like Smokey and the Bandit . Riding high in his (or her) seat, barreling across America s lonely highways in the middle of the night, perhaps smoking a cigarette, a wistful country song on the radio, a girl and/or dog wearing a bandanna sitting on the passenger seat But most important for the portrait of the 1970s archetypal trucker was their CB in hand trucker talking to trucker, exchanging information via 10-4s, 10-20s, and 10-73s, all in an effort to avoid cops and their meddlesome tickets. Like cats to mice, cops have long been the bane of truckers.

But unlike mice, truckers had their CBs to communicate, and with that ability to communicate they could outsmart the cops and avoid speed traps. But by-and-by, the CB faded as the 1980s rolled into the 1990s, and truckers embraced new technology perhaps being some of the first to do so. There was this new thingy called a flip-phone, then a cell phone.

A gadget that was great for communicating trucker to trucker, to keep avoiding those cops and their speed traps, but then these cell things kept evolving and soon were able to produce maps, directions, music, a camera and video. Yes, video! A new way for truckers to turn the tables on their nemesis, the cops.

Well, at least that s what this trucker, Brian Miner, did, calling out a speeding cop who also happened to be talking on his cell phone, reports Tampa Bay s, 10 News . Illinois state police officials are reviewing the videoed exchange between trucker Miner and the cop, according to the report. The scene unfolded after trucker Miner honked at the cop as the cop sped by in wet conditions.

The cop apparently didn t appreciate trucker Miner blowing his horn at him, so he pulled the trucker over, later telling Miner he was going to ticket him for the very serious offense of unlawful use of horn. Then a funny thing happens. Trucker Miner tells the cop that he is being recorded, and giving an unlawful use of horn ticket no longer seems to be the cop s main concern.

Heading back to his cruiser as cops often do during a traffic stop, he then returns, all ready to make nice with trucker Miner and let bygones be bygones: I looked at your record you got a ticket recently for the one headlight or something, looks like, the cop tells the trucker. I didn t write your ticket. I didn t want to hurt your record.

No violation, no warning, no nothing. I understand you using the horn, you saw me speeding. I honestly wasn t paying attention to my speed.

That said, trucker Miner was allowed to drive off with no ticket issued! Me putting the video out there, I was hoping I did embarrass him a little bit, said Miner. That was kind of like me giving him a ticket.

And while the Illinois State Police continue to review the matter, trucker Miner concludes with a last bit of trucker wisdom: That s what happens when they know you re recording.

Long live the Trucker: Images via Youtube

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Trucker Confronts Speeding Cop (Video): Officer’s Dramatic Attitude …

Mercedes-Benz Self-Driving Truck Revealed: Future Truck 2025 …

Get the best price on a new Mercedes-Benz The future of freight is coming: Daimler s Mercedes-Benz truck division has previewed what it believes is the future of world haulage transport this week. The company says its new ‘Future Truck 2025′ is the world s first fully autonomous example, capable of carrying loads along the highway unaided while reducing transport costs at the same time. During a media demonstration in Germany, the manned but self-driven Benz Actros travelled along a controlled section of the A14 Autobahn unaided at a steady 80 to 85km/h.

The driver s seat could then be swivelled away from the controls, while the driver casually used a tablet and completed paperwork. At times the truck had several cars traveling in close company, while the driver made periodic adjustments to the truck’s Highway Pilot system using steering wheel-mounted controls. We are presenting the long-distance truck of tomorrow, and giving an outlook on the transport system of the future, Daimler said in a statement.

It is based on intelligent networking of all the safety systems already available, plus cameras, radar sensors and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. Daimler said it believes the transport sector is currently facing constraints from a lack of drivers, increasing transport density and a decline in infrastructure spending. The truck s name is a giveaway for Daimler s preferred timeframe, with the heavy vehicle manufacturer hoping to see its autonomous trucks on the road in around a decade from now.

Daimler pointed to a lack of legal framework around the world for the decade-long build up to self-driving trucks, rather than doubts over the technology.

MORE: Mercedes-Benz news and reviews Get the best price on a new Mercedes-Benz Filed under: Mercedes-Benz, Technology, future, News, daimler, 2014, Truck, autonomous, 2025my, v2v, v2i

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Mercedes-Benz Self-Driving Truck Revealed: Future Truck 2025 …

Road safety a matter of competitiveness

A recent study about road safety in Spain shows that poor cargo securing is one of the most common causes for accidents involving heavy vehicles. The cargo securing part of the Spanish YETD national final was therefore of particular interest. The Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) and Scania have produced a report for the Iberian Peninsula with the aim of identifying and understanding the daily traffic interactions between two of the most representative groups of vehicle types: heavy goods vehicles and passenger cars.

Importance of cargo securing Some 21 percent of the Spanish and Portuguese drivers interviewed reported having suffered accidents involving the indirect impact of objects because of the improper positioning or securing of cargo. Joaqu n lvarez Cargo securing is one of several important disciplines in the Young European Truck Driver competition. Joaqu n lvarez, driver for transport company Marcotrans, excelled in this particular event.

I transport paper, electronics, domestic goods and parts for the automobile industry, lvarez says. Securing cargo is part of my daily routine. Positioning the cargo over the axles and tightening the cargo to the flatbed is crucial.

I work in Germany where the laws are very strict. lvarez says his biggest challenge on the road are the passenger cars that cut in too closely in front of his truck when they change lanes, forcing him to brake hard. Road safety first then fuel consumption Rub n Incera Rub n Incera also performed very well in the cargo-securing event.

In his daily work he transports eucalyptus trees to a destination and then different types of cargo in containers on the return journey. I transport tyres, boxes and all kind of things, Incera says, so I have some knowledge when it comes to securing different type of goods. Incera tries to anticipate other drivers in order to maintain road safety.

He thinks less of fuel consumption, though. When driving a 52-tonne rig, you can t think of fuel-efficiency, he explains. Ecolution Award winner YETD 2014 Spain: Ecolution Award winner Ricardo Rodr guez Rol.

Road safety was also the aim of the driving event, which focused on fuel efficiency and defensive driving. Each driver had to drive three laps on the racetrack, adhering to the posted speeds while maintaining a high average speed, minimising fuel consumption and accelerating and decelerating the vehicle in a controlled manner. In addition to a driver coach judging each driver s performance, the driver also had to score well in the Scania Driver Support system.

Ricardo Rodr guez Rol, driver for transport company Transportes Jos Rodr guez, which transports cement internationally, was awarded the Ecolution Award for his excellent driving skills. I work for a small company, and we need to compete with large companies, Rodr guez Rol says. We must be careful with our trucks and actively think how to reduce fuel consumption and avoid incidents to maintain high uptime.

Rodr guez once attended an eco-driver-training event, but, he recalls, they couldn t teach me anything. I scored better than the instructor. This was the first time Rodr guez had driven a Scania truck equipped with two-pedal Opticruise (at work he drives another brand).

It was super easy to drive, he says. Driver and technology Fermin Serrano is the owner of a company that transports vegetables from Spain to Norway and salmon and bacalhau (dried salted cod) from Norway to Portugal. We use a fully equipped Scania with all the features to help the driver avoid incidents and accidents, Serrano says.

The features include lane departure warning, emergency brake systems and active cruise control. In my opinion, the driver is 50 percent of the road safety and vehicle technology is 50 percent, he says. Serrano has driven other brands and says that the one thing he especially likes about driving a Scania is the service network.

Wherever I go, he says, I know there is a service point that can help me maintain productivity.

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Road safety a matter of competitiveness | Scania Newsroom

1846 What Is Light?

Trucker Tom’s Podcast

Contact Information email: tom@truckerphoto.com Facebook: Thomas R. Wiles Twitter: TruckerTom Participate in the podcast by sending me a voice file via Voxer! Add me as a friend on Facebook (Thomas R.

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