Volvo Trucks to hold VEST ride demo in Moncton, N.B. …

MONCTON, N.B. To show its dedication to safety and technology, Volvo Trucks is hosting a VEST (Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology) ride demonstration in Moncton, New Brunswick on September 4. The demonstration promises attendees they will experience the safety and control of VEST in potential roll over situations.

Volvo offers two sessions for the event one at 9 a.m. and one at noon. Lunch will be served.

The event is being held at the Moncton Coliseum (377 Killiam Drive). To register for the event you must RSVP ahead of time and indicate which session you would like to attend. To view an informative video on VEST, click here.

To RSVP click here.

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Volvo Trucks to hold VEST ride demo in Moncton, N.B. …

Renault Trucks to exhibit at IAA

Renault Trucks will be exhibiting the most comprehensive range of vehicles on the market at the IAA 2014 trade show in Hanover from 25 September to 2 October. From the new Renault Master at 2.8 tonnes to the Renault Trucks Range K with a GCW of up to 120 tonnes, these are vehicles that stand out for their efficiency, cost effectiveness and ruggedness. They will be displayed on stand A05 in Hall 17.

Renault Trucks will be displaying its full range of new vehicles launched last year and designed to provide customers with a perfect and efficient working tool, geared to their operational needs. On the Renault Trucks stand will be displays of the solutions for reducing fuel consumption and increasing vehicles cost effectiveness. This involves the vehicles design, the Optifleet fleet management solution, demonstrations of economic driving and OptiTrack a system enabling worksite vehicles to acquire temporary additional pulling power while at the same time maintaining the low consumption of a regular road haulage vehicle.

Renault Trucks will also be exclusively displaying a laboratory vehicle concept on its stand, featuring a series of solutions which will enable fuel consumption to be reduced even further in the future.

Vehicles on display include: Renault Trucks Range T520 High Renault Trucks Range T430 Optifuel Renault Trucks Range T430 Renault Trucks Range K460 Renault Trucks Range C460 Optitrack Renault Trucks Range D12 Biodiesel Renault Trucks Range D Cab 2 m Renault Maxity New Renault Master Tags: IAA Commercial Vehicle Show, Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks to exhibit at IAA

Trucker cleared in A14 deaths trial

A lorry driver from Harwich is found not guilty of causing the deaths of a woman and her grandson on the A14 in Suffolk.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-25051137#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa Other posts from this source: BBC News – Suffolk This entry was posted on November 22, 2013 at 17:05 and is filed under Uncategorized.

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Trucker cleared in A14 deaths trial

The Route Of Volvo Truck With ‘Buk’ On Trailer Is Known

The route of Volvo truck with Buk on board is known. The truck was recognized by its owner. The man (his name is Vasilij) says this is the only vehicle with this type of cabin in Donetsk region and was taken by pro-Russian terrorists along with his base.

Source 7/31/2014

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The Route Of Volvo Truck With ‘Buk’ On Trailer Is Known

US: Protesting against racial slur, Sikh man hit, dragged by a truck …

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In protest, Singh stood in front of the truck, wanting to call in the police. But the driver started the vehicle and allegedly ran him over. Reports say Sandeep was dragged roughly 30 feet down the street and his body finally came loose from the truck, which kept on going.

Footage from the surveillance camera on the street showed the men getting into an argument and then a few minutes Sandeep trying to stop the pick-up truck from fleeing the scene.

He is then seen being hit by the truck and dragged some distance.

The Sikh Coalition, which is a Rights group, has called for a hate crime probe into the incident. (With additional information from PTI) ‘; if( i==0 || i%2==0 ) s1 += sTemp; else s2 += sTemp; } s += ”+ s1 +”+ s2 +”+ adStr +”; } } document.write(s); return; } google_ad_client = ‘ca-ibnlive_site_js’; //IBN_NewsArticle_Bottom google_ad_channel = “IBN_NewsArticle_Bottom”; google_ad_output = ‘js’; google_max_num_ads = ’4′; google_skip = ’2′; //google_image_size = ’728×90′; google_ad_type = ‘text’; google_language = ‘en’; google_encoding = ‘utf8′; google_safe = ‘high’; google_kw_type = ‘broad’; google_ad_section = ‘default’; google_page_url=document.location.href; // –> Kabul: Man dressed in Afghan army uniform kills US major general 1 hour 39 minutes ago Jets escort Qatar Airways plane into Manchester airport after bomb threat 5 hours 28 minutes ago Emirates offers special fares to Indian air passengers 6 hours 10 minutes ago In pics:: The evolution of the Playboy bunnies over the past four decades 9 hours 20 minutes ago Israel withdraws troops, 72-hour Gaza truce begins 10 hours 19 minutes ago 118 feared dead in Bangladesh ferry disaster 11 hours 11 minutes ago PM Modi unlikely to address joint session of US Congress 11 hours 50 minutes ago Israel, Hamas accept 72-hour Gaza ceasefire plan 17 hours 17 minutes ago Palestine, Israel trade charges of breaking Gaza truce Yesterday Libya’s new parliament calls for unity, militia factions battle on Yesterday All-clear given after security alert at White House entrance Yesterday Liberia government orders Ebola victims cremated Yesterday Man kills himself while trying to pose for selfie with gun Yesterday World’s top billionaires advocate 3-day working week, HR experts say India not ready Yesterday Israeli airstrike kills militant leader Daniel Mansour in Gaza Yesterday Ferry carrying over 200 passengers capsizes, several fishermen with their trawlers missing in Bay of Bengal Yesterday Censured over shelter deaths, Israel declares 7-hour Gaza truce Yesterday Ban Ki-moon calls Israeli attack on UN-run school a ‘criminal act’ Yesterday China earthquake death toll rises to 381, over 40,000 houses damanged Yesterday PM Narendra Modi offers prayers at Kathmandu’s Pashupatinath temple Yesterday Lakshmi Mittal’s bid to buy UK mountain sparks protests Yesterday US: Protesting against racial slur, Sikh man hit, dragged by a truck for 30 feet Yesterday PM Narendra Modi to meet Nepal President in Kathmandu today Yesterday Israel withdraws most troops from Gaza Yesterday Islamic State militants seize small towns in northern Iraq 2 days ago 367 killed, 1,800 injured in strong quake in southwest China 2 days ago Death toll in China’s factory blast goes up to 71 2 days ago Chinese President Xi to visit India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka 2 days ago 150 killed, dozens injured as quake hits southwest China 2 days ago Islamic State seizes two Iraqi towns, oil field, defeating Kurds 2 days ago ‘);

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US: Protesting against racial slur, Sikh man hit, dragged by a truck …

Trucker denied causing the death of Stroud biker, Martin Acock …

A TRUCKER has appeared in court and denied causing the death of a Stroud dad-of-four. John Essex, 48, pleaded not guilty to causing the death of Martin Acock by careless driving on October 20, last year. Mr Acock was killed when his motorcycle collided with a 1.75 tonne lorry on the A38 bypass at Quedgeley.

Gloucester Crown Court heard the trial of lorry driver, Essex, of Eaton Crescent, Taunton, Somerset, was expected to last more than three days.

It is expected to take place at the same court Source: http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/Trucker-denied-causing-death-Stroud-biker-Martin/story-19992678-detail/story.html Other posts from this source: EchoLauraC Tags: Martin Acock, trucker This entry was posted on October 26, 2013 at 11:00 and is filed under This is Gloucestershire.

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Trucker denied causing the death of Stroud biker, Martin Acock …

China : Xingjiang province (June 2014)

Sandy desert, cities-oasis, torrid canyons, snow mountains, plains and grasslands : Xingjiang landscapes are very diversified. I ve met mainly Uighurs, Hans and Kazakh but many other ethnic groups live here. Some people have bright hair and colored eyes.

It s already central Asia and I could enjoy bread and cheese :D I arrived exhausted in this parking area after 151km and three punctures in a day (With no food and short on water, I had to complete this distance). Immediately, these truck drivers invited me to their table : friendly atmosphere, great uighur food and drinking games. In the next morning, a group of Chinese Kazakhs saw me packing my tent up and invited me for breakfast in the same restaurant.

Humans are awesome ! Zhu yu wei is a 19 years old policeman on duty in an internet cafe in Hami. Everywhere in China, a chinese I.D.

is required to use a computer. So he offered me to use his own computer and to stay overnight in his home. We communicated with google translate.

He told me to be discreet because it s not allowed to host a foreigner without going to the police and register. Nobody does it even policemen :) . I slept a night with these labourers who are building the very long rail bridge behind.

They believed that my pictures of Myanmar old trains were taken in a museum-park. Their strong desire to communicate was much more helpful than any English skill. We had a lo of fun together.

Nice to meet you, Liu Chao ! Yisilamu, Uighur, is passionate about languages and would like to travel. He lent me his I.D.

to allow me to use a computer. He invited me for lunch and I spent the night in his home. Such a warm and welcoming family !

Emerging from a canyon leading to Turpan s depression under the sea level. It s he hottest place ad China and temperature were already getting close to 40 C at the end of May. These buskers bring good vibes in Turpan city.

The drummers were curious about my bike. They saw my trumpet and we jammed together for the most intrigued audience. See the video Smoking the narghile with the young neighbours in Wu s flat who contacted me spontaneously via couchsurfing.

Many thanks for the great food, the map of central asia, this 4th shower in china and this first hangover since I left Bangkok :) Without the tremendous headwind, cycling along the ancient silk road would have been so enjoyable ! Water and cities oasis all along the way to fill my bags with melons, raisins and nut. Snow mountains and sandy desert often take part of the same landscape !

Policemen are absolutely everywhere. They checked my passport so many times that they can easily trace my itinerary in the whole China. I ve been taken 3 times to a policestation for a questioning.

I had to leave the towns of Aba (Sichuan) and Lenghu (Qinghai) immediately. However, most policemen were very friendly. They gave me water, food, shower, took pictures with me, played with my horn and even had a try on my bike :) Chimay bleue, Duvel, Maredsous triple, Leffe brune, hoegaarden !

Stucked for 8 days in Urumqi waiting for the kazakh visa, I had a great time with Hongxiang and the other travelers staying in his open house. Selfless and jovial, he was about to walk around china, without map, about one year until he runs out of money. I hope your trip is going well ! (I m a bit frustrated because I m limited to roads and can t explore the most remote regions).

Welcoming foreigners is definitely part of Asian culture. In this store, the boss who never allows employees to have lunch inside, made an exception because of me. Locals say that Urumqi is dirty and is changing slowly compare with eastern cities of China.

It still the biggest, cleanest and most modern city I visited since Singapore. Countless enormous shopping centers, color lights everywhere, I feel like in a science fiction movie. What a contrast with rural area where families are living in yurts !

When I hear sheep bleat in the morning, it s time to wake up. Shepherds, often curious, usually look at me packing my gear up. One even helped me without saying any word, holding my bike while I was fitting the panniers on the racks.

I really appreciate when locals don t expect me to understand their language (it quite rare). How far are these mountains?

40 km?

60 km? Estimate distance is very hazardous.

So far, this landscape hardly changed in 50km It was hard to refuse when this truck driver stopped and insisted a lot to take me up the pass. More than just a lift, it was a real selfless act and a desire to communicate. In 15 km of uphill, he made sure I left his vehicle the stomac full of nuts and biscuits :) Asking to take a portrait can easily break a bond forged in a short time, and I often refrain myself for fear of rejection.

I don t need any picture to remember this Uighur grand-mother. She invited me to eat bread (nan) soaked in salted milk tea. After disapproving my unraisonnable journey, she joked and said that she would ride her horse to Singapore.

I won t forget this young Kazakh on a horse, very surprised to see me. He followed me a few minutes without any word but with a radiant smile. He finally left in full gallop.

Oufti, so fast ! From a cold high plateau to a deep warm valley. Grass, river, trees, honey, jam, so comfortable !

I feel a home. This woodcutter came out after he heard my trumpet. I had to open my panniers and show all my gear to satisfy the extreme curiosity of these women who even took a ride on my bike :) Lonely planet writes about the Carrefour french supermarket in Urumqi, but don t even mention the Tianshan canyon Definitely worths the side trip !

I ve met Sho Hu in a restaurant around midnight in Bayinbuluke. He quickly offered me to sleep in his flat (a single room with no electricity. The only thing he owns is a beautiful chinese blanket).

He invited me for breakfast. Classic Uighur food : polo rice with beef and skewered lamb. Thanks !!!!

In this town, I saw many strong friendships between Hans and Uighurs. I left Sho Hu full of emotion. A half hour later, I pedaled to Min who is biking back to Taiwan after a working holiday in Germany (her blog, her facebook page).

Then, Zhangbo, a beekeeper, invited us for a long chat in his yurt and gave us lot of honey ! Cheers ! Further in the downhill, we stopped to meet WengChengXi on the roadside.

Calling himself a survivor , he hunts small animals and picks eatable plants to provide most of his food. Then started one of the most intense time I ve ever had. During six hours, we were in a different world, hardly noticing the noisiest trucks passing.

We had been traveling alone for a long period, carrying a harmonica, a guitar and a trumpet. Sometimes lonely, bored, or having a hard time, we could understand each other perfectly. Sharing our experiences and stories, singing songs, improvising together with cries and laughters.

Just walking on air !The cold that came with sunset eventually put an end to this magic afternoon. The survivor continued to climb alone and probably wrote a song in the evening. I cycled to Nalati with Min who wanted to rest in a guesthouse.

Min asked to pitch our tents in the backyard of a youth hostel because, as long distance travelers, we can t really afford a bed. The friendly staff offered us 3 nights for free in a room :) Jovial people, great food, too much beer ! On the saddle, I usually enjoy these landscapes, think about the past, make plans for future.

After meeting Min and the survivor, I just felt gloomy. We had much more things to talk about and joy to share. I crave a free world without visa restrictions which would have allowed us to meet longer.

Fortunately, Uighurs, Kazakhs and Hans were so nice the last 5 days, as if they wanted me to leave China in a good mood :) A group hailed me to meet and drink a cold yogurt.

3 policemen on duty invited me for breakfast. This lovely couple stopped me to give me their dinner and 2 melons. In a hurry to reach the border, I also had to refuse 2 invitations to stay overnight because they occurred too early in the day.

I took a break to admire the green scenery. Majin, Maira, Sanat and Aiden who live nearby quickly invited me to stay overnight in their yurt. Most people in these grasslands have motorbikes and solar panels to charge their smartphones.

However, their home are still traditional, embellished with colorful carpets. with a huge pile of warm blanket. May I show you more landscapes?

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China : Xingjiang province (June 2014)

The Princeton Union-Eagle

The Princeton Police Department received the following calls July 14-21, 2014. The listed times are when the reports were received and not necessarily when any incidents occurred. Compiled by Joel Stottrup.

Monday, July 143:32 p.m. Disturbance at apartment.7:50 p.m. Sighting of a black bear in area of Highway 95 and Rum River Drive N.

Campers upriver notified.7:54 p.m. Officer removed large sections of carpet that was in traffic lane of northbound Highway 169 obstructing traffic.Tuesday, July 151:33 a.m. Stopped driver for taillight out.

Located marijuana, pills and handgun on juvenile male who had no Minnesota driver s license. Juvenile released to mother. Charges to be sent in long form complaint.7:49 a.m.

Complaint of black Lab dog being aggressive toward someone and their dog who were out for a walk. Officer spoke to owner of subject dog, who said the dog jumped fence enclosure and can sometimes be aggressive toward other animals but not people.8:17 a.m. Complaint of semi-truck all over the road west of city.

Officer located truck at roundabout and stopped it at Shooter s Bar about three miles east of Princeton. Officer found inconsistencies in trucker s log book and told trucker to stay there until State Trooper arrived, as officer had to leave for emergency call in city. Police said the trucker did not wait and was later located in North Branch.

Citation to be given to driver.8:27 a.m. Disturbance. Officer mediated mother-son verbal dispute.7:23 p.m.

Report of an approximately six-pound, age 4, jet-black cat lost from The Oaks apartments.Wednesday, July 167:36 a.m. Report of someone camping at Riebe Park. Told person of city rule of no camping at the park.

Officer offered to assist person who was having some personal issues.8:23 a.m. Contacted woman who hadn t paid for fuel at Holiday and she said she had forgotten and would return to pay.Friday, July 1812:33 a.m. Report of two males in dark clothing tampering with yard decorations and bird feeder.

Males ran off when confronted.9:57 a.m. Disturbance Advised male and female.3:24 p.m. Fraud-forgery-scam reported.3:41 p.m.

Report of violation of order for protection. Princeton police with assistance from deputies in Sherburne and Mille Lacs County and the State Patrol talked a male into coming out of home 204 6th Ave. S.

Male, 43, arrested and taken to jail.5:20 p.m. Suspicious activity reported on 300 block of Rum River Drive N.7:11 p.m. Attempted theft of golf cart.Saturday, July 194:49 a.m.

Suspicious activity Officer checked license plate of car being driven past and determined plate was stolen.8:47 a.m. Report of possible homeless person spending time behind Princeton Health & Fitness, and leaving debris behind.10:50 a.m. Advised door-to-door solicitor to cease soliciting until obtaining proper permit.8:51 p.m.

Disturbance Transported extremely intoxicated male who was reported causing problems to St. Cloud detox.9:21 p.m. One male and one female, both 19, cited for underage consumption.9:27 p.m.

Report of stolen golf cart.11:27 p.m. Arrested Delaina Marie Johnson, 21, for probable cause DWI. Charges pending blood test.Sunday, July 2012:55 a.m.

Report of large disturbance in Foreston. Princeton officer assisted other officers in responding.2:09 a.m. Observed passenger riding on top of car trunk while car was moving through parking lot.

Stopped vehicle and advised driver regarding careless driving and dangerous behavior.2:51 a.m. Complaint of vehicle going over fog and center lines. Arrested Megan Faye Payne, 30, on probable cause DWI.

Additional charges for driving after revocation, open bottle, no proof of insurance and seat belt violation.2:39 p.m. Report of naked toddler running down street. Toddler returned to parent.6:21 p.m.

Report of plants knocked over.8:52 p.m. Report of stray pit bull with no collar.10:50 p.m. Disturbance reported.

Parties separated for the night.

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The Princeton Union-Eagle

Watch: ABC 7 Talks With Officials, Advocates Supporting Vision Zero …

by Aaron Bialick ABC 7 news anchor Cheryl Jennings talked to some of San Francisco s key city officials and advocates about Vision Zero, the campaign to eliminate traffic deaths by 2024, on her show Beyond the Headlines Sunday. ABC s Cheryl Jennings speaks with SFMTA Director Ed Reiskin. Image: ABC 7 Pedestrian and bike safety was the theme of the half-hour show, during which Jennings interviewed SFMTA Director Ed Reiskin; the family of Dylan Mitchell, who was killed on his bike by a truck driver in the Mission; SFPD Traffic Company Commander Mikail Ali; and Cheryl Brinkman, vice chair of the SFMTA Board of Directors.

Jennings also spoke with Caltrain spokesperson Christine Dunn, who addressed the issue of deaths at railroad crossings. The show begins with a segment featuring Walk SF Executive Director Nicole Schneider, who explains why streets like Van Ness Avenue are so dangerous. It s a great overview of street safety in SF, especially for folks just getting introduced to the issues.

If we don t do something different, Reiskin said, people will continue to die while getting around on SF s streets.

We re absolutely committed to doing something different, to redesigning our streets.

Aaron Bialick is the editor of Streetsblog San Francisco and lives in the Inner Sunset.

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Watch: ABC 7 Talks With Officials, Advocates Supporting Vision Zero …

Iveco Stralis AT770 8 x 4

Tuning of the in game Iveco Stralis into a Iveco Stralis AT 770/500 8 x 4/8 x 6 Log: – Realistic Euro 5 engines 770hp/500hp – ZF EuroTronic 11 16 speed Transmission – 8 4/8 6 chassis – Exclusive interior only – Interior Truck sounds are louder Author: Joseph GodwinKE DOWNLOAD 1 MB

Taken from:
Iveco Stralis AT770 8 x 4



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